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 Buying a home is a big part

 of the American Dream.

 Working with a REALTOR® 

 can help you accomplish it.

 Let us show you how

 you can make your homeownership

 dreams come true.

Within these pages, you will find information about the homeownership process that includes information on the steps it will take to buy your first home, the tools you'll need to find the right local REALTOR® and lender.


FCAR members aren't just REALTORS®, they come from all aspects of the housing industry including mortgage lenders, home inspectors, settlement companies, attorneys, moving companies, and many more. 

We believe the best way to build a strong community is to make sure that all its residents have a safe place to call home. REALTORS® are members of the communities they serve and they work hard for their clients to help them find the right home to fit their needs. 


Frederick County is a great place to live, work and raise a family! We know the cost of housing impacts, everyone, from our seniors to our young working families. That is why it is important for there to be affordable housing options, so people who work here can afford to live here.


2020 Fair Housing Art Contest Winners

Poloroid PIcture Alex and Summer small.p

“The Maryland Mortgage Program helped us achieve our dream of homeownership!”

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